Monday, June 18, 2007

Normal Saturday Morning

Took Spiderman (Alfie)down the Welly to do the tills on Saturday and the Early Guys were moaning about taxpayers money as there were 2 PCs standing across the road apparently doing nothing.Got Spidey settled in front of Spidey with his special juice and went to get the papers and half of St Johns road were in the shop.What were they looking at? 4 Armed Policeman pointing their guns at one of the 3 storey buildings.
Were they shooting a scene from Die Hard 8 or just shooting?
Speculation comes in all shops and sizes from the bookies to the newsagents as the Chinese whispers got bigger and bigger.Of course back in The Welly sense prevailed as we considered the worth of doing Sunday Lunches when the football season is finished and of course the Early Guys were moaning about the expense when the Old Bill could be catching muggers on the other side of Watford.


Blogger edward said...

viewing nick,s entry for Contamines and the Wellington,just thought I'd say Hello and trust you Louise and the children are all OK. The website looks good as does the Pub
Am thinking of taking reservations for the Ryder Cup in Wales 2010
Nick's Dad

September 3, 2008 3:14 PM  

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